Your wedding is the most joyous day of your life. As a photographer, I am honored to cheer you on, capturing your love, beauty, and delight, so you can remember these feelings for the rest of your lives. In my photography I preserve natural expressions of joy, bright colors, intimate moments of reflection, and all of your loved ones there to celebrate you.

Kendall & John

Kendall and John’s love shines. At their farm-style wedding on the McKenzie River, everyone stayed to dance late into the night!

Jenise & Cody

Jenise & Cody planned to get married at their grandmother’s farm up the McKenzie River. But then the Holiday Farm Fire forced both of their families to evacuate, and their grandmother’s house was burned down. They returned a few days later to find that their horses had returned – and their marital arch was even spared from the fire! They decided to get married at the farm where they had all evacuated to, only a day after their wedding was originally planned. Their marriage was a bright spot in a challenging time – and everyone was so happy to celebrate!

Jasmine & Logan

Jasmine and Logan have big families and hosted a cook-out on the Santiam River for their wedding, complete with horseshoes, barbecue, and a rowdy dance floor. I caught a moment with Logan as he realized how important this day was, and shared some beautiful moments with the two of them as they privately shared some of their intentions for their marriage. The rest of the evening they spent dancing and laughing with Jasmine’s sisters and Logan’s best friends, cheering them on throughout the day with great humor and happiness.